The Poison Gamble

By Dolores J. Nurss

Dream Notes
Chapter 36
Beyond the Law

I have never dreamed of Bram any older than this, or of Deirdre having any contact with him after this novel. I know that in subsequent years she refers to him in the past tense. So I wrote the most obvious reason why.
I do remember, from the first core dream, Zanne reaching out towards Tom’s island, with her hands stretched forward in such a way that it seemed like every finger pointed towards it. I know from the second and third dream that Merrill left her there, and I can vividly imagine just how that went, but the First Core Dream finally ends here, with Tom’s Island on the horizon.
The dream of Don’s encounter with Jauregui surfaced in my thirties. The thing that stands out most clearly in my memory is the word “blessingcurse”, and Jauregui saying, “Go with my blessing, young lad. Carry my blessing to Hell with you!” All subsequent (internal timeline) dreams of Jauregui show him as a madman. The sad thing is, it made a distinct improvement.


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