The Poison Gamble
Original Dream-inspired fiction and art by Dolores J. Nurss

I do swear
To serve Lovequest
With the sharpest edge of my mind, , , , ,With the softest tenderness of my heart
With the holiest courage of my soul, , , , ,With the last endurance of my flesh,
With understanding,
Or if necessary, without.
Where I cease to love Creation , , , , ,There I cease to love myself
--The Lovequest Vow of the Tili�n


Table of Contents

0: Introduction
1: A Cybernetic Sin
2: An Inadvertent Theft   
3: Reunion with the Oracle   
4: Memories in Jail   
5: On Trial   
6: Knowledge   
7: Of Good and Evil   
8: Dinner at the Mulberry   
9: A Night Full of Memories   
10: Nutrition in the South Sea Islands   
11: Humiliations   
12: History of the Migration   
13: Invitations   
14: Accelarated Intelligence   
15: The Cave Party   
16: A Time of Tests   
17: Black Clams   
18: Challenges to Meet   
19: Setting Up the Game   
20: Naked   
21: The Making of Heroes   
22: Inspirations   
23: At the Gym   
24: Memories of Mothers   
25: Sea-Change   
26: The Gifts of Archives   
27: Tests and Trials   
28: Lessons Interrupted   
29: Oracles in Trouble   
30: The True Tili�n   
31: Infatuations   
32: The Perils of Knowledge   
33: Heroes in Love   
34: Rite of the Black Clam   
35: The Fruit of Knowledge   
36: Beyond the Law   
37: Decision   
38: Biting the Fruit   
39: The Fruit Bites Back   
40: On the Anvil of Ordeal   
41: New Minds   
42: The Fruit's Price   
43: The Reason for the Ban   
44: Blame the Pirates   
45: The Farther Island   
46: Mends and Fractures   
47: Day by Day   
48: The Labor of Recovery   
49: Leaping   
50: Departure from Paradise   

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