How to Support the Writer

By Dolores J. Nurss

Chapter 4

You can support my writing in two ways. You can send me donations, and/or you can advertise for me.
I would urge anyone who wishes to express appreciation for my original work to pay as you go, perhaps a little change per chapter, or a few dollars per volume, as you see fit. If you really enjoyed the work, please reward it according to your enthusiasm balanced by your means. Please keep in mind that it takes hours daily to produce my fiction, and an hour of my time should be worth an hour of yours. I have written since I was six years old, daily since I was ten, excepting Sundays. Before age six I made up stories in my head, but lacked the means to commit them to paper. Consider that I came into this world in 1955 and have spent most of my life since perfecting my skills for your sake.
(Do not, however, pay me for my fanfic, posted elsewhere; I have no right to profit off of what I might have sown in another person’s garden. If you want to express monetary appreciation for my fanfic, please donate to your choice of my favorite charities: Heifer International, Amnesty International, The Pygmy Fund, Native Seeds/SEARCH, or Blessed Kateri Tekawitha Parish in Tucson, Arizona.)
Lack of advertising poses the greatest drawback to not going through the publishing industry. However, recent trends on the Worldwide Web have shown the power of viral advertising. Word-of-mouth now has more impact than ever before in history. If you like what I write, please pass the word on to a couple thousand of your best friends online. Ask them to do likewise. Thank you.
This, of course, also terrifies me. Some of what I write shocks me. Yet I have hidden my work for too long to bear not sharing it any longer. Like any child, it wants to grow up, leave home, and make a life for itself on its own merits, for better or for worse.
And yes, I do desire to someday win the Hugo Award (I have lusted after it since childhood) though I do not yet know when or if I shall ever earn it. The one I do have isn’t mine, merely left to me by a dear, deceased friend, and it’s lonely. And it will stay lonely, no matter how hard I strive to improve my craft, if too few have even heard of me. If you like my work enough, do please remember me to others.
But wouldn't submission to a publisher make this more likely? For my opinions on that, read the next page.

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