The Harvest of Young Minds

By Dolores J. Nurss

Dream Notes

Chapter 9
The Time of Fear

Rob Roy looks and behaves in this chapter exactly as I dreamed him. The same goes for the infirmary. Although I only dreamed a hazy awareness of Charlotte’s presence, what happened to her and Marie–and the rest–reflects what I dreamed on a more general basis happened to all the children.
The formation of what eventually became the Til Archives reflects what other dreams of a much later era understand as part of their history, minus the specific agency of the Tercos Twins: that Til Institute (what T.L. eventually evolved into) maintained all of Earth’s knowledge that had survived its collapse, plus everything that they could acquire of new lore on the new planet (eventually called Novatierre.) Even in the acquisition, however, some significant gaps occurred, in medicine and technology. When I dream of this world, its folk often speak wistfully of lore once known by “The Ancients”.


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