The Harvest of Young Minds

By Dolores J. Nurss

Dream Notes

Chapter 8
Mistress of Magentine

I have had many, many dreams involving magentine. And I did dream that eventually the teachers discovered that it had a role in everything that happened.
As for Consuelo, I have dreamed of people somewhat suggestive of her, with magentine set in intricate, art noveau silverwork at every possible place where you could loop jewelry, in fluttery, translucent white garb. I wish that my imagination had left it at jewelry, but somehow, when I wrote it, Connie took it to a disturbing step further.  But I can see the consistency with her determination to meld with the planet.
In my first dream about the magentine-bedecked people (I was seven years old, I know for certain) and at first in all my early dreams, the magentine was only cobalt blue. (In some dreams it might have been wholly opaque, lapis.) In my early teens I drew a picture of one of the people in that earlier dream in fluorescent pens, but I had no suitable blue pen and so drew the gems in magenta; after that the magenta stones predominated in my dreams, and it became clear that the blue ones were both the most rare and the most potent version. My dreams then added a common gray-green variety of limited and unpredictable power, not much good commercially but widespread throughout the planet, upping the ante on unintended consequences overall. I have also dreamed, from early elementary school age, that magentine circuitry resembles a cross between art and science in how the wires swirl around the crystals. In waking life I have encountered cobalt compounds in the same colors, in chemistry classes, and so speculated that magentine contains cobalt, too.
I dreamed of seeing Rob Roy in bed with his head shaved, losing weigh rapidly. When opened, his eyes looked completely dilated. I also dreamed of being Rob Roy, and staring up out of the bed through bleary eyesight.


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