The Harvest of Young Minds

By Dolores J. Nurss

Dream Notes

Chapter 1
Rob Roy


I can only make an unsatisfactory report on the dreams that went into this story, because I no longer have the journals of that time (my early teens, for the most part) and many of the dream-notes in my files have undergone fictionalization years before I began to study dreams for any reason other than as a story-mine. Yet, to the best of my ability and recollection (and some of the recollections come back remarkably vividly) I offer here an account of how much of this story came from dreams.
CHAPTER 1: Rob Roy.
The character of Rob Roy came from dreams as a repeat character, who still appears in my dreams currently. Though no specific incidents in this particular chapter actually correspond to dreams (later chapters will correspond, some very closely) the physical description and characterization do match, including his account of his ancestry. Early dreams did refer to Rob Roy being hunted by an officer (sometimes my dream POV) who slowly lost his soul and sanity at the task; I wish I still had my notes on that! (I had started a novelization, but lost it many years ago.) I didn�t dream the actual capture, though I did dream its aftermath. I changed the officer to a female in this story to underline the anonymity of the body-armor. The old woman came from my imagination�I think. She did surface rather full-grown; I might well have dreamed her sometime and forgotten.


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