By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume VII: The Burning

Chapter 17



          I know in dreams from Zanne's POV after this that she no longer traveled with Cybil but did travel with Ozwald (some dreams referred to him instead as Osca or Dayin—I wonder if Dayin is his last name or something similar?  Doesn't sound German, but I knew he was.)  I recalled feeling sad about Cybil, that we had become intimate and that she'd had regrets about this and could no longer stand the sight of me.  For my part I had regrets about how I handled the whole mission.  Poor control of my now-boosted telepathy (which had been rather weak before) had something to do with it.  The regrets kept growing, and I felt tempted to use my field-pharmacology skills to make them go away.

As for the Charadocian part, two or three years ago I was washing dishes, and then I wasn't.  I woke up sleepwalking in circles between the kitchen and the living-room, surprised to find myself scolding Damien for seducing Chaska.  And then, as a parting touch of the otherwise forgotten dream, I heard in my head Damien telling me that Nishka had beaten him to it.  So I wrote about this.

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