By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume VII: The Burning

Chapter 10



          I wrote  Deirdreís journey through the Burnt Lands, as the Daymare continues  I do know that the cobblerís children marched with Deirdre later on, so I had to introduce them.  But this story just bled from me like something I couldn't help.

          A narcoleptic seizure during ethereal womenís voices singing hymns on my random playlist provided the scene with the people who prayed themselves to death.  Iíve been spending more than usual time in prayer lately; I guess the dream wanted to make sure I remembered to keep things balanced.  It is Godís will that I have a body; therefore I should make the most of it while Iíve got one.

          Zanneís entry onto the highway came from a non-Til dream years before.  In that dream the three in the blue car were elves, not teenagers, though very like teenagers in build and pretending to be human adolescents of the 1950.  The blue convertible had fins, for one thing.  Their garb seemed carefully matched to historical fashions, but the long hair on the guys gave away the show.  Anyway, Iíd seen this trio before in other dreams; I knew they were elves, right off the bat.

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