By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume VI: The Rift

Chapter 59



Father Man's confession I put together by logic.  And I realized that however well he could now feign sanity, he could never be completely well.  Later I dreamed confirmation that Deirdre had spilled all to him.

I dreamed of Apollo and Courtney much older, looking muscular, healthy and happy, living on a farm, parents of a large family and deeply in love with each other.  That lies outside this story by about fifteen years, with no trouble in it necessitating an agent's assistance, and therefore outside the tales of my adventurers, so I could only imply the possibility here. 

I also dreamed of something that All Sorts Sanctuary hints at, involving the rest of Zanne's mission.  But I can't say more just yet.

It makes sense for Cherone to sharpen the pitons and grappling hooks.  He brought no weapons with him.  And so I wrote it.

I flash-dreamed Kiril's father gambling with a careworn face.  Playing games of chance didn't fit with what I knew of her story of starvation…unless this caused it.  And I had been wondering about how stupid a farmer had to be to not feed his help enough for them to do their jobs, let alone for anyone to die.  Granted, Yaquis did starve to death on the attrition farms, but that was the whole point of them; flogging some henequen production out of them first was only a bonus, as far as their genocidal captors were concerned.  Yet while Kiril does belong to a rare ethnic group, it's not a particularly hated one.  Kiril's father having a gambling problem suddenly made everything make sense.

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