By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume VI: The Rift

Chapter 28




            I wrote much of this.  In 1990, however, I had Deirdre's mine-cart dream, myself.  I also dreamed, separately in the 70's, about waking up to the sounds of a rat-fight and feeling unable to move to stop it, pinned to the ground by exhaustion, knowing that the children were too wired yet to sleep, themselves.  Back then I had experimented with Fundamentalism, which was far from my own right path.  I felt at constant war with my brain, like I continually had to hack off parts of it, and yet they persistently kept growing back.  I shouldn't have put a rat through the battles that I staged in my head, let alone myself, and they were exhausting me.

I do believe that there is a place for Fundamentalism in the Body of Christ.  They are the stripped-to-basics, hard, stiff bone that keeps the whole upright.  But if that is all that the Church is, it is nothing but a skeleton.  (Not surprising, then, that I also had many dreams of a certain character's struggles with anorexia in those days, because I was trying to starve my mind down to bone.)  And if it grows beyond its place, it ossifies the Body Spiritual.  We must not try to follow somebody else's calling.  Those who are truly meant to be Fundamentalists live happy and contented lives on their own path.  Yet if one does not, God has other plans for one.

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