By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume VI: The Rift

Chapter 10




In Deirdre's dream I wrote her side of a dream of my own, where I finally told the whole lot of ‘em off and quit them, I thought for good.  I had to take a break, even though it turned out not to be forever.  And her sensations are also mine, for sometimes, on the verge of sleep I do think, "I feel so exhausted!  I wish I could lie down," only to realize that I already have.  And of course everybody knows what a falling-dream feels like.

And here my Bilbo dreams invade my Tilián dreams–but then, Bilbo's like that, at least in my dreaming–he won't stay put in any particular world.  Come to think of it, what did I expect, when I left the Tales of the Tilián for Tolkien fanfic?

            I made the battle Frankenstein-style from bits and pieces remembered from various generic battle dreams.  And while I didn't dream of the moment of discovering the antidote to the poisoning of Vanikke, I knew that it had to come around this time.  As for Randy's dream with Jake, again I dreamed the events which this scene precedes.

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