By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume VI: The Rift

Chapter 7




I wrote the thoughts of the converging combatants.

I dreamed of the exchange between Lisa and Jake on December 16, 2017. on December 16, 2017.  Just their voices, Lisa shouting "Jake, I'm here!  I'm here" over and over, and Jake shouting back, "Lisa, don't!"  From this I knew that Lisa had done something dangerous by shouting to Jake.  I had already deduced her mission in Corriebhai Colony (not to be confused with Corriebhai where Jake and Randy's first mission took place) by her conspicuous absence up till now.  When putting this dream in a likely place the rest just naturally filled itself in

I wrote a good deal of Deirdre's part pretty much based on one flash-dream of Damien on a motorcycle, crashing through a wall and whisking me off, smelling of leather and tobacco and motorcycle-grease, just like my father in his teens when he would cradle me in his arms.  Dreaming it about Damien instead of my father, but with Dad's scent, meant that it concerned traits of both, rather than it being about my father per-se.  I needed to accept that particular kind of animus-energy, that warrior-bard adventurer attitude, in order to break through a mental stone wall that impaired my life.

Yet this dream also carries the energy of my mother.  She not only first met my father on a motorcycle, but has had associations with motorcycles and their riders throughout her life thereafter.  So for me motorcycles in dreams symbolize Motherhood (a prime example of why one-size-fits-all dream dictionaries don't work very well.)  I had denied my motherhood of these tales for years, refusing to write from dreams for nearly a decade.  When I weighed returning I had this dream of Damien.  The Bard aspect of my animus had to steal back my motherhood of my stories for me, from an oppressor in need of killing—my own oppressive scruples against telling truths from which I longed to hide.  And of course my mother has her own warrior/artist/adventurer aspect.

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