By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume V: Sharing Insanity

Chapter 42





In this dream I could not remember clear purpose, but I could remember all the dodging in and out, hiding, fleeing, etc., in a school taken over by soldiers.  I have organized the various maneuvers and divvied them up between Deirdre and Kiril, adding dialogue and plot.

I was in elementary school at the time.  In the early 60's teachers prized regimentation above creativity and curiosity, and I had difficulties.  When I didn't like the stories in my reader, I'd edit and improvise broadly.  I'd find novel reinterpretations of instructions, obeying the letter but not the spirit.  I'd ask puzzling questions.  I'd correct the teachers if I saw fit, or study something different from the repetitive snorefest assigned.  I'd hide fantasy paperbacks inside the bigger hardbound books given to me—and fantasy was especially taboo!  For someone who loved learning for its own sake, and reveled in something richer than the bald, materialistic "reality" that the educational establishment wanted to indoctrinate me to serve, it really did feel like a hostile army had taken over the school, drilling us instead of teaching us.  The trick was how to evade capture.  That, and figuring out, by myself, the difference between education and training.

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