By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume V: Sharing Insanity

Chapter 18




I think I wrote most of the Toulin scene, yet I have that strong image in my mind, dreamlike, of George oozing blood.  I know that I dreamed the surly woman at the end of Betany's trail.  I also dreamed of the rat and the twitchy man stalking Zanne and company.

When the long overtime exacerbated my narcolepsy, I often fell asleep at work and flash-dreamed waking up on a wounded girl's trail, trying to cover up the blood even as I tracked her by it, worried about falling asleep repeatedly on my way to her rescue.  In waking life, I constantly strove to catch up with an impossible work-flow while covering up my increasing exhaustion (although in fact nobody held my 2-3 minutes asleep here and there against me, as I used to be able to type 92 WPM.)  I finally realized that the one I tried to track and rescue was myself.

I dreamed only vaguely of the ride from the tavern, but do remember that bit with the brandy flask.  I did borrow that small part for my fanfic, thinking that I would never reveal this novel to the public, anyway.

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