By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume IV: Braided Paths

Chapter 31




I made up Headmaster Weatherbent's reaction to the missing child, but it would've happened that way.

I cannot remember for sure whether or not I dreamed of being Kiril, fixing breakfast for the men in the midst of the battlefield, indifferent to the bodies.

I based General Aliso's actions on the fact that in my memories of being an Egalitarian, I knew that we feared her more than any of the male generals.  And then, after writing an early draft of that particular scene, I did dream of it, and that it happened in Chicamoq.

I knew that Zanne, at this moment, would have realized that she's not dealing with mere political corruption, but a gregor-force.  Dreams showed me on the run, as her, from a government gone mad.  I also dreamed that somewhere along the line she picked up injuries, including a pain in her side for awhile that made her breathe shallowly.  As I wrote up this bridge between the luxurious beginning of her mission and her life in hiding, for some reason I couldn't escape the image of a toad falling from the President's mouth.  And I couldn't seem to put any of it in words till I showed it from the Changewright's viewpoint.  I did dream that somewhere she picked up some injuries, right around that time. 

I did have Deirdre's dream, except in my version, instead of saying "Remember me",  I said, over and over, "I will remember. I promise.  I promise all of you."  And, of course, the references to the others in her frienclan all refer to dreams of the missions that they pursued at the same time that Deirdre worked in the Charadoc.  But she didn't just pick up on her friendclan, alone, of course.

I wrote this dream of treating Tanjin's wound, but in response to other dreams that show his injury.  I'm sure my unconscious mind drew the image of his wound from a similar one mentioned in TE Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom, and with similar eventual results.

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