By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume IV: Braided Paths

Chapter 13




  I dreamed of weeds turning into Zanne's hair.  I put it here as most likely happening when Deirdre was so strung out on greenfire that she'd hallucinate.  But this also started me to wonder if Zanne's tale, too, interwove with the others.  While Deirdre frequently gets unconscious telepathic flashes, especially in altered states, she normally doesn't go into oracle-mode.  However, with the odd energy in the school interfering with Jake's ability to recognize what his oraclism tries to tell him, I deduced that his Gift would have attempted to take an unexpected path through his connection to Deirdre, strained though it might be, to use her altered state and dyslectic telepathy.  But the damage done by that same state made the oraclism even more random than usual.

              I dreamed that Zanne really liked the desserts of Vanikke.  And I also dreamed this:

Saturday, March 7, 2015


*Deirdre's Platonic Marriage.

            I dream of writing down a dream, interpreting it as I  go, of Deirdre unwittingly, symbolically, acting out a mystic Platonic marriage which Zanne  prophecied before, though not in Deirdre's hearing.  Zanne recognizes it when...and here my hand cramps up, unable to write more.  The pain wakes me up.  EOD

So somehow, from all of this, Zanne of all people got the flash of oraclism!   So yeah, her tale does belong braided into all this, too.

I wrote the entry into Korboros, as how it would inevitably have to go.  I did dream of her being there, so of course an entry had to take place.

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