By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume IV: Braided Paths

Chapter 9




I have dreamed several times of being Jake dreaming or having a vision about a certain moment on a certain Til Institute beach, that some might remember from "The Poison Gamble".  Except that in these dreams details change here and there, and he perceives himself as much older than when the incident happened in his life.  Each time the variations give the dream different meanings. 

I also dreamed (separately) of him finally, in a rage, throwing bullies across a schoolyard until Jesse tackle/hugged him and calmed him down.  But most of the time he feared to defend himself, lest he hurt somebody with his size, and so Deirdre often wound up defending him instead.  She got in trouble for fistfights and tussles quite a lot on his behalf, but it didn't stop her.

I dreamed that Tanjin took the lead for a little while, in territory familiar to him.  But then later Deirdre leads again.  So I filled in why they changed back and forth.

I know from other dreams that Changewright's cult involved mind-altering substances, and that somewhere along the line Joel became an initiate to it.  So I made up this scene in the cafeteria to fit.

I had a flash dream witnessing Deirdre as though I floated in the air, to see her sidling along a narrow path with her arms spread against the cliff, looking gaunt and weary beyond words.  (  I always seem to dream travel on these cliff roads as the cliff being to the right and the left hand left dangling over void, when we're not sliding along with our backs pressed to stone, so I thought I'd better change it up for variety and have it go the other way.)  In the dream her skin and her clothes had the same color as the sandstone, even the same texture.  It looked as though the land had begun to absorb her.  I mutated this in my Tolkien fanfic for a nightmare of Frodo Gardner's, but it more properly belongs in the Charadoc.

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