By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume 1I: Tests of Fire and Blood

Chapter 33





I dreamed of Tumblebugs, including the name.  I doubt I could come up with something like that consciously if I tried--people racing around a crater with the intention of rolling over!

I think I dreamed of the twins’ melt-down, but I’m not sure.  Maybe I intuited it.  I have reason to think I did not simply imagine it, for it ties in things that I did not consciously know at the time.  You see, I did not grow up with my little twin half-brothers, and only learned years after the the fact that when they were toddlers, barely speaking in bursts of one or two words at a time, they used to get agitated at the sound of revving car engines, and when Mom asked why, they’d only say, “People dying!”  And on one occasion, she walked with them past some broken car-window glass in a gutter, and they pointed, again agitated, crying, “People dying!”  We’re not sure where they got that, and in any case, they soon outgrew it.

I have dreamed from the viewpoint of an employee of Tumblebugs, and know that they are, indeed, all rebels who have positioned themselves here to take advantage of the excellent spying opportunities.

          I  also dreamed the concrete grid of baths, and the encounter between Kief and Deirdre, from Deirdre’s viewpoint.  One has dreams like that sometimes.

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