By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume 1I: Tests of Fire and Blood

Chapter 17




I dreamed of eating beans spooned up in a sort of scoop made of cornmeal, pressed and baked to hardness, edible only after the beans have softened it enough to chew (too soft to continue scooping) whereupon one eats it, then grabs another with which to scoop up the remainder.  Kind of a neat system.

In a flash-dream I perceived myself exploding out of a tank.  I filled in the details of the thoughts preceding the moment.

I dreamed of the confrontation between Lucinda and Petro, and for once much of dialogue came clear, down to the exact, growling tone of her run-on sentence when she barks, “Get out of her bed she doesn’t want you!”  No comma.  Interestingly, decades later, a friend in Old Pascua gave me an identical-appearing rosary, though I’m unsure of the actual material.

I made up the arrival at the home base in the university, to lead into the next batch of dreams.

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