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Original Dream-inspired fiction and art by Dolores J. Nurss

I do swear
To serve Lovequest
With the sharpest edge of my mind, , , , ,With the softest tenderness of my heart
With the holiest courage of my soul, , , , ,With the last endurance of my flesh,
With understanding,
Or if necessary, without.
Where I cease to love Creation , , , , ,There I cease to love myself
--The Lovequest Vow of the Tili�n


Table of Contents

    1. The Harvest of Young Minds (novella)
    2. Colonization of Novatierre/Development of Til Institute(essay)

    3.  The Naming of Dobson's Crag

    4.  Time Reckoning in Novatierre
    5.  Initiation(short story)
    6.  Roof Hike(short story)
    7.  Henrie Dass(short story)
    8. The Great Gulf Race(short story)
    9 The Rookie Missions and/or intro to Til Proper of Fireheart Friendclan (Index to notes and fragments)

    10.  Reunion in the Ruins

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For those who wish to learn how to write from dreams, or to study-dream-based fiction, every story either has a "dream notes" button at the bottom of every chapter, or notes somewhere in the telling about its dream origins. in fact, some portions of this Backstory section might well be dream notes, themselves. I'm not through deciding what to post here.

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