Tales of the Tili`an
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Original Dream-inspired fiction by Dolores J. Nurss


I do swear

To serve Lovequest
With the sharpest edge of my mind
With the softest tenderness of my heart
With the holiest courage of my soul,
With the last endurance of my flesh,

With understanding,

Or if necessary, without.
Where I cease to love Creation
There I cease to love myself

--The Lovequest Vow of the Tili�n


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Table of Contents

Updated as of August 31, 2021
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1. "Chastening", Chapter 37 of "In the Mountains of Fire VII: The Burning", plus dream-notes.

2.  Addition to the Glossary of "erlie".


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(Wherein I cover ethics, legalese, donations, advertising, and the philosophy of self-publication, not to mention a guide to how best to read these tales for the maximum enjoyment.)

(Stories and essays that provide background and additional context for the main body of work, for those who find this sort of thing interesting. Not necessarily in chronological order, but I will do my best)


1: The Harvest of Young Minds (novella, RE: the origin of Til)
2: Colonization of Novatierre/Development of Til Institute(essay)

(Novel) The Poison Gamble(Completed)
(Serial) The Outlaw God (Completed)
(Serial) In the Mountains of Fire (In progress.)


Writing From Dreams

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There are those who write not because it's a nice hobby, a literate pastime, but because we have to, because the words on the page are the only thing that stitches up the wounds.
Literature is not escapism--it's confrontation! If we truly read just to escape, we'd all share stories about fluffy bunnies and rainbows with nary a frost in the garden. Instead we write--we must!--of wars and dragons, crime and grief and heartbreak and heroes running for their lives before they turn at last to fight.
In literature, we practice for our lives, vicariously learning, through the characters, the courage that we need to go back to the same world that we retreated from, and this time take a stand. The difference between the true escapism of drugs or alcohol, and the so-called escapism of literature (in story, poem, lyric or script) is that the first leaves us less-equipped, and the latter more-equipped, upon our return, to wrestle with the issues that overwhelmed us in the first place. All cultures tell stories that revolve around a challenge. We need this.

ARTISTIC CREDITS:  In the artwork on these pages I  make extensive use of Brusheezy brushes, which might or might not include those by Abbas Malek Hosseini AKA Abdostan, Ady Smith, Aesali, Aramis Dream, Axeraider 70, Blacky 83, Blazter (Javier HX), Camisole, Cary HMS, Celestial-Star.net AKA Melfina, Cevkarade, Dahlia Chrysalis, Dead Brushes (Gallo), Diditeko AKA Disporatik, DieheArt, Dirt 2 AKA Keep Waiting, Duster Amaranth C, Easy Elements, Eliburford, FlourKirby, Haunting My Sleep, Hawksmont, Horhew, Ilhan AKA Trisste, Jackob, Jakafe, Keep Waiting, Kimbahanne AKA Tackybrush, Mel's Brushes, Midnight's Touch, Milana V, Moofygirl, Music Freak 469596, Mutsie, Nelchee AKA In Obscuro, Noelevz,  Obsidian Dawn, Ookari, Photoshop Island, Photoshop Tutorials, Pia, r0mande (Ruslan Julbarrisow), Sandy McBadshoes, Scottehs, Titi Montoya, touik.deviantart.com,  Trinefe, Stock Graphic Designs., and Wezza-T.  I also, on rare occasions, use imagery from Dreamtime.  And I sometimes use patterns or brushes from Obsidian Dawn, whose excellent materials can be found at http://www.obsidiandawn.com/.  I also use brushes from GIMP, GPS, and LJF Hutch, as I increasingly phase into using GIMP, which is vastly superior to the Photoshop Elements program I used to use.  I LOOOOve their brush dynamics!

PLEASE NOTE:  For the snowy hills in Vol. IV, Chapter 24, I piggybacked on a sand-dune scene in Creative Commons, but lost the information on who originally took the photograph.  If you recognize your work in those contours, please contact me so that I can give you proper attribution!  I rarely piggyback, but your work had exactly the shapes I needed.  In the meantime I will continue to try and track you down.  So far not even Google Images has helped.

I also use gradients made by or based on gradients made by Titi Montoya, also at Brusheezy

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