The Deuterocanonical Books



Early in the millenia I wrote the occasional article for a wonderful online magazine called "Faezine", run by an amazing woman known to me only as "Be".  Alas, I fear that something has happened to her; she had suffered increasingly bad health of an undisclosed nature, and then all messages ceased.  The magazine also vanished online.  Not having written for pay, I had no way of tracking her down to find out what had happened.  I fear the worst. 

I have nothing left save for a handful of the articles that I wrote for her.  I post them here for those who, like her, value the Faerie Realm.  If I find any other articles in the same theme that I have written and forgotten, I will add them here.

Table of Contents

Climate Change and the Elemental World

Lucid Living in the Desert

The Rain Children

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