The Deuterocanonical Books

A weekly study of those books and texts included in the Catholic but not the Protestant Bible, of interest to Catholics wishing for more background in the roots of their faith, Protestants trying to figure out what makes Catholics tick (or for your own sakes, since Luther did say, even though he cut these out, that they were useful to study) Jews curious about Jewish apocrypha, people of any religion curious about other religions, history-buffs who want to know about these books which had profound influence on Europe for over a thousand years, perusers of mystical texts of any faith, folklorists, sociologists, aficionados of ancient literature, students of human nature, and the curious or bored.

Warning:  I am only studying one step ahead of each week's presentation, with inadequate resources, and don't have any real qualifications whatsoever other than fascination and an open mind.  Speaking of which, although devout, I can at times be heterodox and maybe even heretical.  I will try to state up front if any of my opinions go contrary to Catholic doctrine, but I might miss some out of ignorance or inattention.  I would urge anyone more qualified to please step up and teach, in your parish or on the Internet.  These books matter!

And please note:  Occasionally, since I modeled these pages on some others for my fiction, donation buttons have been known to accidentally appear.  I remove them as soon as I notice that they've cropped up again; I don't know why they won't stay deleted.  But as I sometimes use artwork that is only publicly available when no money changes hands, please do not donate on any of these Deuterocanonical Study pages.  Thank you.

Table of Contents

(Note: this only includes what I've covered so far.  I will add one chapter once a week, most weeks, until they're all here.)

(I apologize for a recent months-long failure to post.  Various upheavals, prolonged illness, and computer difficulties combined to make it impossible.  But as of February, 2020, I'm back at it.)


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ESTHER (The lettered chapters are Deuterocanonical; the numbered chapters are found in both the Protestant and Catholic versions of the Bible.)

A    1    2     3 & B    4    C    D    5    6    7    8.1    E    8.2    9    10    F


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1    2     3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14    15


1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14    15    .

You can find the version of these books that Iím using, minus my commentaries (at least the ones that I didn't base on their commentaries) here:

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