The Five Red Brothers


(Based upon dreams of Dolores J. Nurss.)

Participants must confront each brother in turn.  Possible ways of doing this will follow after the description of each brother and his charge.

The first red brother is Earth. You must do battle with him by digging deep into a subterranean matter in your life and confronting it. Your issue might involve your past, perhaps a long-buried memory or a defining past event.  Or it might involve an ancestral issue, or an issue concerning your homeland or heritage, whatever that means for you.  Those who believe in reincarnation might discover a past life issue arising for attention.

The second red brother is Water. You must battle him by confronting an issue of flow, finding where the flow in your life has suffered blockage, and wrestle the blockage away.

The third red brother is Fire. You must battle him by owning up to your greatest passion, and deciding what to do about it.

The fourth red brother is Air. You must battle him by confronting your fear of heights. Consider a height that you have admired from below but dared not reach for, and demand more of yourself. Reach for it!

The fifth brother is Ether. You must battle him by savaging anything in your life that stands between you and the Sacred.  This might mean your Higher Power, or your sense of wonder.  Or it might mean confronting any area in your life that contradicts your ethics.  For atheists and agnostics, this might concern your holy integrity.

Once you have met the challenge of all five brothers, boldly go to the center and taste the fruit that you find there.  I have no idea what that fruit will mean for you, but I expect that it will nourish you.