By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume VII: The Burning

Chapter 12



          The material on Zanne comes from a dream on December 13, 2010, which also supplied some earlier material.  Curiously, though, I hadnít jotted down the detail about crossing the suspension bridge; Iíd forgotten that part on waking (most people forget at least part of most of their dreams) yet when I started to write about it ten years later suddenly it sprang back vividly into my memory.  The driving skeleton, though, came as a complete surprise.

          As for Deirdre, sooner or later they would have left the burnt lands, and it seemed most logical that a wide river would have defined the margin, and another bridge made a nice tie-in.  I based this one on a bridge in Kennerdell, Pennsylvania where my father spend the first part of his childhood.  At that time the bridge planks were old and rotten and Grandma had told him not to walk on the bridge, and he always obeyed heróhis way.  He climbed on the metal network supporting the bridge instead.  So she forbade him to walk on the bridge or climb the supports of the bridge.  So he climbed across by the under-structure of the bridge.  So she had to add that, too, to the list of daily things that she had to forbid him to do.  Then he skinnied up and down the cables, till she forbade that as well.  Grandma says that Dad was the reason her hair had turned white by age 21.

          Since Zanne traveled in the rain, on the edge of a severe storm, that storm would most likely have hit its peak out at sea, northeast of Vanikke.  Right where the boys would have sailed.  Having three oracles on board would have guided them to safe harborage, but interlocking with two untrained oracles would have endangered Jakeís compromised gift, and in fact broken him under pressure, unless help came from some other direction.  And since Luftiís also an untrained oracle, heíd be the logical one to mend Deirdreís damaged mending of Jake, from her end.  Iím not yet sure what consequences might follow, but I expect Iíll find out soon.

          The forbidden village in the Charadoc shows just what some communities have done throughout history, when overlong war brings famine in one way or another.  Vanikke, in contrast is based on dreaming rather than history, continuing what I experienced asleep in December of 2010.  Although I did dream the lot full of homeless people, the car exploding by it didnít happen in the dream, which nevertheless continues on later with Zanne inexplicably on foot again.  So I made it explicable.

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