By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume VI: The Rift

Chapter 44




I know, from that nagging sense of memory in some dreams, that some disaster weighed heavily on Damien after this point, not just Kanarikís death, but some personal failure or guilt.  And from an almost completely forgotten dream, I know that some sort of debacle happened at the Abojanís, and that he had something to do with it.  I have written this accordingly.

I also know that Ambrette doesnít show up in dreams after this point.  In an earlier version I wrote Romulo as the other rebel who died, not Betany.  But then I stumbled across dream-notes showing him very much alive at a later point, so I went back and revised. I have had no dreams of Betany that come later than this on the timeline.

           In writing from dreams you donít just take note of whatís there.  You also have to take note of whatís not there.  Or who.  
             I  had a brief flash dream of Jake  gazing out over the water, saying, "Deirdre thinks she's all  right.  She is not
all right."  Incense trying to explain things to her parole officer came to me while showering--an ideal place to let the mind drift and  wind up on unexpected shores.  The  "Flying Dutchmen" flyer came in a flash-dream and I had nowhere else to put it, this late in the game.  (Come to think of it, I wrote neither of those flash-dreams down before this; I'm not always  near  my journal when they hit me.)

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