By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume V: Sharing Insanity

Chapter 37




I know that I wrote most of the material before and after the raid.  Everything that I've written here, though, captures a mood rather than any specific events in the dreams.  But I have dreamt these feelings quite vividly enough!

I dreamed of being Zanne in a kind of catatonic shock.  I filled in a lot of detail, though.  In the dream itself I didnít open my eyes to see who washed my face, or bothered to listen to anything said around me.

As for the raid itself, I both wrote and dreamed it, slipping back and forth between sleep and waking while lying partially immobilized by pain, jotting down notes when I could hold a pen.  I know that I will never forget the sensation of running through canvas, or the expressions of the men as they felt the earth drop out from under them, but I donít know how much I invented, and how much I lived through in that other existence.

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