By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume 1II: Responsibility

Chapter 6




I had dreamed vaguely of being Deirdre, in her year in Alonzo Valley, helping Inacio with vehicle repair.  And I’ve had other dreams (including the oldest Til dream that I remember) of doing a brief job involving repairing security-sensitive equipment (when considering giving up on a career in agency) which showed her to have mechanical aptitude.  I don’t remember whether I dreamed or imagined her use of that ability here, in sabotage.

Yes, I know, the female brain is not supposed to have much in the way of mechanical aptitude, but I do.  The bell-curves overlap.  Deirdre and I are at the skinny high end on the female norm, and probably somewhere in the higher end of middle in the male bell-curve.  I do most of the repairs around the house.  And that might have something to do with that first dream, on the edge of my fourth birthday, to let me know that I have this ability, no matter what people might tell me about the capabilities of girls in 1959.  (At least that might have been part of the message—it also exploded onto my awareness the very existence of Novatierre, the world where people harnessed psi instead of having to “play chameleon” like Grandma advised.)

As for Damien’s concerns, they just surfaced in the writing.  I did dream of escorting him to the house and watching him enter in.  As to whether later dreams confirmed this inspiration/suspicion, you’ll have to wait and see.

I dreamed of seeing Malcolm caged in the banquet-hall, looking sunken and ill, his skin loose upon him.  Yet, in writing it up from his viewpoint, it took me completely by surprise to realize that the thought that saves him concerns his Uncle Donal, of all people.  I did dream of the penitential monastery itself, though.

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