By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume 1I: Tests of Fire and Blood

Chapter 22




Deirdre didn’t just dream about her mother leaving the clean, safe apartment, I did, too, from Bertha’s/Mom’s point of view.  In waking life, like Deirdre, my mother did not raise me, and embraced values different from those that I grew up with.  I had to accept that I had no right to reverse roles, that however much I didn’t understand her choices, they were and are hers to make, even if the dream greatly exaggerated what I perceived as the dubiousness of those choices to make a point–they still belonged to her!

Within the dreamworld, however, the dream absolutely did happen in Deirdre’s waking life.  Little Bertha really did have those motives, those feelings, and did those deeds.  Deirdre only wanted to believe that her mother ran away out of some random firing of delirium, but her unconscious telepathy knew better.

I dreamed of being named “Dreamrunner” on my Rookie Mission, for the reasons stated.  I made up the scene at Toulin Academy.

I dreamed of Kief helping me strap on the makeshift pack, and of the sight of his sexy bare legs walking ahead of me, and of having conflicting feelings about this, even though in the dream I felt quite single and available.  I encountered Deirdre’s childhood stalker in a separate cluster of dreams, in far more detail than would fit in this chapter.

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