By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume 1: Welcome to the Charadoc!

Chapter 29



Jonathan did develop an ulcer in the core dream, gradually worsening.  And other dreams have made reference to it, as well, some of which you shall read.

The food fantasies I invented, staying true to the dream-characters.

Sanzio did break with Jonathan in the core dream.  On several different occasions I have dreamed of nuns persecuted for running orphanages, probably in part because I do sometimes hear about this actually happening in this world, so it made sense that this could become the trigger for his disappearance from this portion of the tale.

And so Jonathan’s slide continues.  Some say that it’s only a nightmare if it scares you, but though fear didn’t factor into the dream, I would definitely call this one of the worse nightmares in my life.

            My dreams clearly and repeatedly identify Rashid as the Medic, as certainly as they recognized Damien as the Bard.  That requires me to give examples.  And I dreamed of the smell of a medicinal sap when I briefly fell asleep on a BART train in the Bay Area.  (More than that—I also tasted it and felt its gooey mass filling up my mouth!  Shortly before this I had discovered the Healing Tree on the Berkeley Campus, and it smelled like that.)


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