By Dolores J. Nurss

Volume 1: Welcome to the Charadoc!

Chapter 16



I don't actually remember this moment, in the long dream as Jonathan, of smelling the chaummin on the cloth, but I do have vague memories of a scrap of cherry red cheir-silk, though I'm not even sure if it came of a Novatierran dream.  As for chaummin itself, though, I know it well from my dreams of the Charadoc, its smell, its taste, its properties.  Sort of a rum made from tree-sap sugar, with a resinous undertone.

          Waking up sore but triumphant just seemed logical, so I didn't need a dream to tell me to write that next.

As Jonathan, I dreamed of a series of squalid situations among the poor, blurring all together.  I felt, at this point, increasing disdain for people who could let themselves go so badly.

I inveted Kiril's memory of the dog as part of her characterization.  Cyran suddenly does drop out of Deirdre's company here in the dream, and after this point Alysha takes charge of the march--an unexplained shift in the dream, but one easily accounted for in fiction.  And Deirdre really did do some amateur archaeology back in the days when she had free time.  The bit about digging in squares I got from when an archaeologist friend dug a garden for me (Much appreciated!  I had fibromyalgia much worse at the time than I do now) laughing when he realized that he dug it in squares.


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